2nd Stage Desalter Refurbishment

Internal cold weld repair and corosion protection.

Scope of work

Internal surface of process vessel suffer by deeply pitted and corroded areas. Depth of pittings was measured as from 3 to 6 mm. It was essential to give back original surface shape and protect whole vessel internal against corrosion atack in future. Treated area was counted as 80 square meters from 3 o´clock to 9 o´clock.


Polyglass PPA
Corrofill VE
Polyglass VE HA
Polyglass VEF


Carbon steel

Coating system

The surface was then blasted to a cleanliness standard of ISO 8501-1 cleanliness standard SA 2 1/2 with a minimum surface profile of 50 microns. Hand application of Polyglass PPA as a primer coat to protect fresh blasted surface. Deeply pitted areas was filled by Corrofill VE to achieve smooth surface. One coat of Corrocoat’s Polyglass VEF was then applied using airless spray pump. A layer of Polyglass VEF was then applied to the inside surface of the desalter, to achieve 1250 microns DFT totaly.

Coating credentials

The whole of Corrocoat’s Polyglass range has proven highly effective in extremely corrosive environments toward to Oil and Gas Production. Polyglass offers a remarkably low permeation rate, combined with excellent resistance to abrasion and cathodic disbondment. The system provides an effective, long term corrosion barrier, preventing reductions in performance due to surface corrosion.


2nd Stage Desalter V – 3016
Deeply pitted areas
After Polyglass range materials application