Coating of a coarse water filter vessel

Protecting components against sea water damage.

Scope of work

Internals of new vessel protected against sea water damage using Corroglass 600 Series and Polyglass VEF. Rebate flanges to protect against crevice corrosion. Terminate coating on steel rings.


Polyglass VEF
Plasmet ZF / Corrothane AP1


Carbon steel

Internal coating system

Grit blasted internally to ISO 8501 – Cleanliness Standard SA 2 1/2. Coated internally using Corroglass 600 Series / Polyglass VEF to a minimum 1.25mm DFT. Thickness checked. Spark tested at 19Kv. Flange faces rebated and coated to prevent crevice corrosion.

External coating system

Grit blasted externally to ISO 8501-1 – Cleanliness Standard SA 2. Applied two coats of Plasmet ZF with a topcoat of Corrothane AP1.

Coating credentials

Polyglass VEF has a proven track record protecting components against sea water damage. Many projects completed by Corrocoat for use within a sea water environment are still working well after more than 25 years in service.


The new vessel, uncoated
Vessel coated internally and stripe coated externally in preparation for top coat
Vessel externals coated with first full coat of Plasmet ZF.